A Town Called Home

by - Thursday, February 21, 2013

I often think about how though my daughter will be born and raised in the same city I was, she will grow up in a completely different Christchurch than the one I grew up in. It sometimes makes me sad to think of not being able to show her some of the buildings I lived in, or worked in, or some of the places I loved to spend time. And when I think of the Earthquake I wonder if I will ever be able to convey to her what we have experienced as a city and as a people.
But what I do know, however, is she will have the utterly unique experience of growing up in a city that daily grows from the ground up with her, and that is something to be excited about.

I wrote this song this morning to sing to Harper today, on the second anniversary of our life changing Earthquake on February 22nd. It baffles me how much life has changed in the past two years, in ways big and small. Motherhood is certainly one of the bigger ways!

This recording is rough around the edges, and features backing noises from the gorgeous Harper. But I hope you and your children enjoy this wee song. Love to all the Christchurch mums xxxx

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