Time for a Nap!

by - Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I wanted to write a fun wee song to sing to Harper at her nap times.... and here it is. What makes it even more fun is Emma had just acquired an accordion!
Lucky Harper had us serenade her with an accordion as she went down for her nap on Tuesday- now you can learn this wee tune and sing it to your gorgeous ones as you put them to bed. In French and English!!

It's time for a nap
It's only a nap
Just catch 40 winks and then I'll be write back.
Lay down your head
and I'll shut out the lights
Yes I'm aware it's still daytime not night. 

But oo oo oo oo
I know what's best for you
oo oo oo oo
So it's time to nap!

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