Beauty at Bedtime

by - Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Often the dinner/bath/bedtime routine at our house can be frantic. I'm trying to give my husband the low down on my every thought of the day while both my girls are also after his full attention. It can take a LOT of encouragement (and bribes) to get dinner eaten, hair washed, Pjs on and two little girls tucked up with their eyes closed! So it's safe to say more evenings that not - bedtime is a mission that I just want to get done. 

And then some times it's different. 

Some nights I get lost in the beauty and fun of my little girls and forget to be on a schedule. 

Some nights overflow with love,lullabies and stories, kisses and cuddles, dreams and make believe. 

I love our Petite Music Box album of 'Lullabies' as it reminds me to slow down and take in the little magical ordinary moments that so often slip by. It reminds me these little ones won't be little forever. It reminds me to be grateful for these precious (difficult, exhausting) beautiful years. 

Sweet Dreams
Wrap my love around you to see you through the night
Sweet Dreams
My little one, my love and my delight.

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