New set and an amazing live show!

by - Saturday, July 23, 2016

We don't perform live nearly as much as we would like to! But when we do-  boy oh boy do we have a good time!

So it wasn't a surprise to us that we had the best of fun performing on Monday down at Beach Campus Grace Vineyard in New Brighton, CHCH. However it WAS a surprise how many of you turned up! We had a packed out room of beautiful beaming faces!

We were SUPER excited to do our first show with the new set that Emma had made. I have to say.... Emma is SO talented with making our imaginings reality. A few weeks ago we stood in fabric store and I stared blankly (and doubtfully if I'm honest) at her as she described a set with multiple curtains that would hang on a wooden structure she would bang together from wood around her house. I'm pretty sure I said the words "well... I can't imagine how that would look good or be I am going to have to trust you on this one". 


Seriously though... I knew she could do it. That girl can do anything when it comes to the creative things in life. Did you know before Petite Music Box she had never done any drawing! Say whaaaaaat!?!?! Now we have Little Woodland Prints a range of beautiful prints for little ones bedrooms. 

Anyway once again a HUGE thank you to those who came along to our show. Your children- with their own individual voices, dance moves, ideas and faces that light up a room with pure joy- are the reason we do what we do! 

Check out these shots of the show (and the set!) taken by our friend Reg Ayers. 

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