La Galette Bretonne (gluten free and yummy)

by - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

La Galette Bretonne

When I feel a bit home sick(which happen a bit when I am pregnant) I love making buckwheat galettes for lunch. It is a dish which comes from my mum's country side La Bretagne

It is really easy and quick to make, and it is really healthy!!!

Buckwheat Flour ( I have bought mine from Piko)

Yes that is all!

and to fill it - anything you want! Get creative
a traditional one would be egg, ham and cheese


I have not put any quantity because it all depends on how thick you like it
the traditionalist would like it very thin but it is to awkward to handle when we are beginners. (definitely something to aim for)
At the moment I just like when the batter is a bit more liquid than the regular crepes batter

if you don't have crepes maker, a regular pan will work perfectly

poor the batter to the hot element
you will see some wee bubbles and it is going to cook really quickly

when the galette is sightly cook put anything you like in it
Yes it can also be a sweet one, it is delicious both ways

some people like the yolk to be runny, for those who don't you can break it

fold it and enjoy

And if you are with some friends you can appreciate it with some good brut cider!!
Yum Yum
Sadie is going for it!!

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