by - Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Today was a busy day for Petite Music Box! 

We kicked off the day with a show at a local multiples playgroup to a room full of beautiful twins and their parents then in the afternoon we had an impromptu photoshoot with our friend and photographer Reg Ayers. 

Like everything we do- our children were there with us to make things more..erm..interesting (read: difficult). But actually we LOVED having them with us to take photos with us because really... they are what PMB is all about! 

Here is a selection of shots from today.. we love them!

Joseph, Harper and Sadie are our inspiration!
These kids are funny!
Actually..we find pretty much everything funny
Seriously funny
Cup of tea anyone? 
Come on..who brought their child to the photoshoot...
Oh yeah....we did. Hooray!
Clearly no one taught US not to play with our food..

Sadie joins in the fun!

HUGE thanks to Reg Ayers for these great photos. We have been asked for such a long time for promo photos and after four years we finally have some!

We love what we do SO much..and although we are playing for under 5's...we feel like ROCK STARS!

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