Lovely Day- Some big news and a Giveaway!

by - Thursday, January 26, 2017

What a lovely day it has been!

First of all we started with a facebook live music time this morning- which reminded us how much fun and how precious it is to be sharing musical moments with our little (and big) fans.
Although a little bit of practice could have helped to polish those tunes a bit more, every bit of our first facebook live 2017 was great fun and we wouldn't change a bit of it.

Secondly,  we had a request from a mum to sing 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers during our facebook live.

How great is that song!!!!!!! We loved it so much that we wanted to post it on our YouTube channel.
We also thought it would be a great musical introduction to announce some very special news...

Yes, VERY special!!!!

We are releasing a new part of our business called Bespoke Children Song's !!!
Imagine the joy of your child listening to a song written just for them.
A song which is beautifully recorded in our own Petite Music Box style, and presented to you both on disc and in digital form- for you and your child/ren to have for the rest of your lives! 

To learn more check out the new page on our website:

But wait, I'm not finished... 

This weekend ( friday the 27th of january 2017) to launch this new business venture we will be doing an incredible GIVEAWAY on our facebook page.

Someone VERY lucky win their very own custom children's song from Petite Music Box!!
Would you like a Lullaby? A playful song about your child? A song about something hilarious your child has said? Or something with the whole family in it? 

Don't miss out on your chance to win your very own personal Petite Music Box song- this service is usually $300!

x Emma

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