Bespoke Song Comp Winner

by - Thursday, February 02, 2017

We are so lucky to be have a GORGEOUS sunny day today in Christchurch! 
Sadie is making the most of it- we hope your little ones are having fun in the sun too!

We had another great facebook live session this morning- thanks to all of you who joined us. Sadie enjoyed her delayed viewing this arvo too!

So this week has been really excited for us with the launch of our new venture "Bespoke Children's Songs". 
We kicked off the week announcing the winner of our facebook competition and were very excited for Jo Domigan that she won the awesome prize of PMB writing her very own personalised song for her family. 

How cool is that!

To introduce ya'll more to the concept of a 'Bespoke Childrens Song' we thought we would let you in on the process so you can see and imagine what it would be like for you to order your very own personal song. 

On Monday night Jo already knew what she wanted and sent us through the following brief to start writing from:

"Something upbeat and cheery like Caravan or Spring that mentions Mummy, Daddy and the kids names and is all about what it means to be in our family. About how in our family we love and help each other, care for other people, say our prayers, be thankful/kind/joyful...I'd love a smattering of Te Reo because I love it and we try to speak it at home"

We were SO excited by this idea and got writing right away and by Tuesday afternoon we had the bones of a REALLY FUN family song for the Domigans!

We can't WAAAAAIT to share this song with you- we are arranging it at the moment and love that it is a song the totally captures who the Domigans are as a family- and presents it in a style that is so true to who we are as Petite Music Box aswell. 

Say it with me now ... "dreeeeeeam job!"

x Michal

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