Chocolate and fresh air

by - Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter is a very special time in our calendar. It is a time of thanksgiving, contemplation, refreshing faith and great joy! 
It is also time we can pour into our children and as well as fill their little tummies with chocolate we can fill up their hearts with love, hope and wonder. 

I love getting away with my family to the countryside or the ocean and watching my children come alive in nature. It is a picture of things as they should be. Of restoration. Of hearts being in their natural habitat. Of the promise of new life. 

Whatever Easter means to you, may it bring you joy to see how easily children can access magic of this holiday. I watched Harpers face light up with amazement when I told her Easter Bunny txted me and said she had to go out for a bit while he visited to hide eggs. She did want proof of the txt.. however a glimpse of a message on my phone (from my network provider haha) was all the convincing she needed that mama and the Easter Bunny are personal friends. May they forever teach us that anything is possible if we keep our hearts and minds open to the beauty this world has to offer... even in difficult or uncertain times. 

Here are some snapshots our our Easter weekend.

Picture perfect scenery calls for a jump shot... Sadie wanted to keep jumping for a while after this ....

I am now 29 weeks pregnant... things are not smooth sailing and this little babe is keeping us on the edge of our seats... needless to say we can't wait to have baby in our arms.

For the last five years in a row we have spent Easter weekend in Fairlie at my Auntie and Uncles gorgeous scenic farm house (pretty much Matt and my dream home) .. throw in a $4 Easter hunt pack from Kmart and our Easter hunt for the girls is a thing of beauty.  (we also have one later on in the day for the "big kids" which is a LOT more competitive)

despite years of very unsubtle hinting/begging.. our home remains dogless.. so it warmed my heart to no end (and filled me with hope for the future) to see the girls having fun with 'Milliedog'... even if they did feed her as if she were a biscuit at a time...

Back in Christchurch now and there is so many beautiful nature destinations to explore right on our doorstep today we jumped in the car with a picnic and some good friends and enjoyed the beauty that is Corsair Bay. Highly recommend heading there soon for a day out!


Happy Easter 
xx Michal

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