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Here you are, at last we meet, you're in our arms Our hearts are overwhelmed by everything you are The journey was long, the road was hard but I would walk that path a million times for you to be with us Sweet Darling Cheek to Cheek let's dance again Days are long, and by their end we're down and blue but let's not let those feelings steal away our joy You have us, and we have you so let's hug and kiss and dance the blues away

Even the world is not big enough for this love

The birth

The 21st of March we have been honoured to welcome into our home our second son Sasha Awen.
Having him at home was such a beautiful and relaxing experience. There is nothing like being in a place you already feel safe and you call home to welcome your child, for me anyway.
After a all night in labour, listening to a lovely playlist (nicely covered by my impressive and lovely strong vocalisation 😉 ) Sasha arrived at 9.13 into the tune "I need thee".


We had planned for our first son a home birth but after a long labour and no progress, I got discourage and all I wanted was just to meet my baby. We made the decision to welcome him at the hospital.

Even if the home birth was what I wanted, both the birth are carrying their own precious story when in the end I got to meet my two precious boys

Big Thank you to my amazing midwife, you rock!!

Baby blues

I though THIS time I would Not let the blues to get me HA HA!!

All those pains after birth can easily take over!

I though after feeding Joseph for a while breastfeeding would be easy

Ha! what a joke!!!

It is better to laugh about it than to cry, but it is hard to enjoy those beautiful moments when feed time arrives you get depressed and scared, when at night time you can feel terribly alone and desperate to have your baby falling asleep, when you can't remember in which part of your body you are sore, when you just want to cry for nothing. Sometimes anger can take over sadness and then you feel terribly guilty...

Please tell me that I am not the only one haha!

But thankfully we got to hug them, their smile is enough to make you melt and give a purpose to the pain you are going through.

We are doing it because it is unfortunately the price to pay to have them with us.
I know one thing for sure is it is more than worth it and "I would walk a million time that path for them to be with us".

Big brother big jump

Joseph is been really good around Sasha, he is always asking for him and wants to hug him.

He has however been quite challenging to us but he is only two so it is hard to make the difference between the terrible twos, like we say, and the birth of Sasha
But most of all Joseph is a darling with his brother and this is melting my heart!!

I am glad that I enjoyed watching so many movies and enjoying my Jane Austen afternoon with my first baby on the boob because this not quite the same with number two 😬

Luckily Joseph is still napping so each day I have time to watch one episode of downtown abbey!!

Welcome to our world my sweet boy
with love 
Mom xxooxxoo

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  1. Emma, thank you for your beautiful honesty. Motherhood is the toughest job in the whole world, and no, you are NOT alone in how you feel. Bless you, sweet maman of two! May God give you everything you need and more!!!