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Emma sent me through this blog post today about 'babymooning', and it has really caught my attention.

I had, like this article references, always thought of a 'babymoon' as the weekend or week away you sneak in before the baby is born. And I have been lamenting the fact that it is looking highly doubtful we will be able to fit one in before baby #3 arrives. WOE IS ME.

But reading about this concept of bunkering down for a few weeks after the baby is born, to bond and heal and devote yourself to family, to minimise visitors and the expectations of the world outside the home... it has really struck a chord with me. 

I am not a natural homebody. My own mother has been known to say I am not a real 'stay at home mum' because I leave the house too much. (yes, heated words followed haha). But it's true in a sense that I don't relish on lazy days spent at home but prefer to be out in the world, where the people are!
But I am trying to learn to be more content in my own home, amongst the domestic duties and mundane parenting tasks, taking more time to notice the beautiful moments of this stage of life - book reading, tickling, cuddles and kisses and chats- before it's five years from now and all of my children are at school. I was looking at the school uniform we will be soon purchasing for our almost five year old and it really hit home how fast the years have gone (despite how long the days).

Emma and I chatted today about how we want to be more present in these years and have a sense of peace that the time for 'more' will come. It is so much easier said than done and I cringe when I hear myself tell people I am 'just mainly being a mum' when they ask what I am up to right now. Truly there is no 'just' about it. In the last five years I have created THREE HUMAN BEINGS (one soon to arrive..but still!) and am pouring myself into providing them with the best foundation possible for their entire lives to be built on, while still growing myself, learning more about my own passions and dreams and identity, and attempting somewhere in the mix to be a great partner to my husband, a loving daughter, a caring friend, a compassionate and kind citizen of the world. (excuse me while I have a little lie down).

So in saying all this, I wonder, is a 'babymoon' possible after the birth of a third child? 
There will be Kindy drop offs and pick ups and inevitable trips to the park for a restless two year old BUT perhaps I can make our world a bit smaller for a few weeks, say no to more visitors for a few weeks, say yes to more offers of help for a few weeks and focus on making a warm quietened cacoon for the baby, my girls, hubby and myself to snuggle up into for a short period. 

After Harper I beautifully babymooned for a couple of weeks, supported by our amazing Church community, friends and family. After Sadie, I had all the same support but I was restless and anxious to stay 'the same' for Harper that I now realise I tried to get back to 'normal' much too quickly. 

I'm going to spend these last weeks of pregnancy with intention preparing for a babymoon with this new love of my life. I'll keep you posted as the journey unfolds. 

I would love to hear how you have spent the first weeks following the birth of your children? What did you love, what would you love to try differently?

x Michal

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