#theviewfromhere: Alicia, mother of 5!

by - Thursday, May 18, 2017


What's your story?

I am a married stay at home mama of 5!
4 planned and 1 wee surprise (or epic fail)!
Our eldest has just turned 10 (that's 3650 sleepless nights) and our youngest is 10 months! Our first three are all boys and then we had a wee girl. We joke she was the icing on the cake and now we have the cherry too!
What have your children taught you?

Taught me to be humble!

We are raising these individual wee humans with different personalities and temperaments all going through different ages and stages. We have this ideal of what a good mama looks like the reality is there is more than one person involved in this parenting business. There is so much out of our control and I am learning more about myself everyday...some I'm proud of some not so much. 
What is your parenting advice?

Just when you think you've got it sorted you don't! My husband and I often joke that we should publish a book with that one piece of advice for new parents. 

It's like when you think your wee poppet is sleeping through the night and then a tooth arrives! Or you think they are amazing eaters and then they get poorly!
What's on your mind?

Recently I have been thinking about how important it is to be real with each other. It's really tiring trying to be something you are not. It would be do nice if we could just celebrate our differences because that's how God has created us to be. We all have strengths and weaknesses and we are designed to do this crazy life together not to critique one another. You are an amazing mama just the way you are and thankfully we are all a work in progress!

What's your favourite thing to do or place to go with your children?

Our favourite family hang out has got to be the river...we definitely don't get there enough but we love when we do. It's just such a nice place to simply BE...and enjoy being together. Our go to picnic is plastic cheese, ham and chips on some good old white bread rolls!

It's all about creating memories to last a lifetime!

What is your favourite child related item all parents should rush out and buy 20 of?

My favourite baby must have is a merino kids gogo bag...we love them! I'm just trying to justify a new one for Otis. It would be so good to have spare for the days the wets through or worse! I am loving the look of the sherpa one especially on these chilly Canterbury evenings! 
What are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment ALL I listen too is whatever my children are listening too...so you could say it's quite eclectic!

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