#theviewfromhere: Liberty, young mama of one.

by - Thursday, May 25, 2017

What's your story? I'm a 23 year old wife, mother to one (a 15 month old girl, Adeline) and a (very part time!) veterinary nurse. What have your children taught you? In my short time in being a Mumma, Adeline has taught me to not sweat the small stuff and to stop and smell the roses (literally too!). I've also come to appreciate all that my parents have done and do for me even more now that I'm a parent. What is your parenting 'mantra'? "Each to their own" You do you girlfriend! What's on your mind? Should I be saying something profound here??Because right now it's what on earth can I be bothered making for dinner and my very tired wee rascal shouldn't still be awake! What's your favourite thing to do or place to go with your children? I love drinking a good coffee or going out for breakfast on a crisp but blue skied and sunny day with my family. We also love going to the farmers market or lately to the amazing Margaret Mahy Playground. What is your favourite child related item all parents should rush out and buy 20 of?
Books! I absolutely adore sitting down and reading and looking at beautiful illustrations with Adeline even if it only last a couple of minutes! What are you listening to at the moment? Trollz and Moana soundtrack because let's be honest who really runs the house when theres a toddler living in it! But MY go to is the old 2008 Hillsong worship album "this is our God", also I'm really enjoying Harry Styles new album (who would've thought), can't go past a good dance song from the top 40 and of course PMB!! And yes my baby is still awake well past her bed time.... don't sweat the small stuff right?!

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