How to enjoy the last two weeks of pregnancy.... when you already have children!

by - Monday, June 19, 2017

Ways to 'enjoy' the last two weeks of pregnancy..... when you already have children!

Last night I thought I was going to go into labour.
Hallelujah! I thought, let's get this show on the road! But alas I have woken up today sans baby just a delightful sprinkle of minor cramping and a resentment that I should even have to get dressed. Boo!

I am 38 weeks pregnant. Which basically means I have reached that point in pregnancy where I have unfounded yet relentless hope that the baby might come "any day now" even though due date is still two weeks away. It's like every pregnant woman (that I have talked to) lives in an absolute place of denial that they will go full term... and don't even say the word "overdue" ... that is CLEARLY not an option.

Last night in between urging my waters to break like in the movies and googling "signs you are in early stages of labour" (it's as if I truly believe if I read in print whatever current symptoms I am experiencing.. are in fact labour!...then my body will believe me and go along with it)... anyway in between all of that I got to thinking about how once again I am wishing weeks of my life away.

I seem to fall into this trap so easily! Over and over and over again! Gah!
Why is it so hard for me to be present in the moment, in the current day, in my pregnant state- cherishing this time before life goes crazy with a newborn and two under 5 year olds, before my nipples feel like they are on fire 24/7 and my hair doesn't get brushed for a month??!

How can I retrain my mind to not only 'see' but FEEL the beauty and uniqueness of this time right now?
These last two weeks of my life I will spend pregnant.
These last two weeks of just having two daughters to say good night and good morning to (and everything in between).
These last two weeks of feeling life move inside me. Of knowing, yet not knowing at all the person about to join our family.

When it is your first pregnancy, everyone tells you to "enjoy this time now before everything changes".. first time mums to be are encouraged to put their feet up and watch tv, read books, go for lovely walks, pamper themselves, date their husbands/partners. Oh doesn't it sound blissful.
Funnily enough no one is suggesting such things to this mother of two. Good thing as well.... or someone might get hurt.
Probably the most frequent exchange is "can you nap?" to which I reply "no". Conversation over.

So... I decided in the night... today I would make a list of things that I could feel excited about doing before the baby comes. And therefore trick my brain into thinking 'oh golly gosh I hope the baby DOESN'T come today... or I wouldn't get to clean my skirting boards'.... (yeeeeah nah... I have never been one to 'nest'.. much to my mothers dismay).

But here is my list of thoughts and ideas.. of ways to spend time and things to do BEFORE baby #3 joins our family.
I thought I would share them here in case there are any other mums on their second, third or tenth time around in the same state of mild desperation as me.
I tried to google to help me cheat on this list and I couldn't find ANYTHING HELPFUL... about ways to enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy when you already have children. I'm feeling VERY neglected by the world wide web right now.

The Final Countdown

- write a letter to each of my daughters before they welcome a new sibling and tuck it away for them to receive when they are older. (I actually keep a private blog for each of the girls I will give them the link to when they turn 18.. or 21... or a random rainy day)

- make a playlist of music that I love to play either a) during labour or b) around the house when baby comes home

- have a one on one 'date' with each of my girls to chat about the upcoming changes.

- make 'birthday cards' for the new baby with the girls

- put in a bit more effort than normal to take some half decent 'bump' photos... after all after this I will be forever thin.. like model thin... people won't BELIEVE I was ever pregnant. (please read my sarcastic tone...)

- wear clothes with incredibly difficult breast access...

- clock off as soon as my husband gets home everyday ... as in IMMEDIATELY jump in the bath then watch netflix. And feel no guilt. None. Nada.

- wash hair, shave legs, generally stay in a clean, hairless state.

- Do practical things.. like make a list of important information for whoever is looking after the girls, try and catch up on the washing, sort out the girls clothes drawers and wardrobe... blah blah blah.

- go for a massage, pedicure, manicure, weekend long pampering session at these mysterious 'day spas' they speak of in movies. Reality: pick one! If you are lucky. And there is room on the credit card.

- online 'window shop' and email a variety of "push presents" you would like to receive to your spouse/partner... hey... dreams are free people, dreams are free. I imagine my husband would MOST enjoy these drip fed over the coming days.. the more extravagant the better..then I will throw in one realistic looking one.... that's right... I'm a thinker.

...... okay that's all I have for now... and clearly I was scraping the barrel by the end.

But that's a good start I think! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your ideas to add to this list! Because google doesn't care. But I do! and will add your ideas to this list.

xx Michal

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