Songs to birth to- creating a playlist for labour

by - Thursday, June 22, 2017

Michal :

Following on from my blogpost How to enjoy the last two weeks of pregnancy...when you already have children! I have been attempting to tick some of the items from my pre baby bucket list.
Yesterday it was creating a playlist to labour along to.

I think you have to be in the right mood to do this! I had thought about doing a few times over the previous days and it had seemed like a chore. However when I sat down yesterday afternoon it was extremely therapeutic and fun. (Most likely aided by the fact that my outrageously wonderful friend was making my family dinner while our kids watched a movie!).

It's kind of a bizarre playlist to make, because unlike a playlist for a dinner party or car trip... upon listening I will be in various stages of hideous pain. So I have to think to myself, what would I like to listen to while moaning like an animal and re-thinking the life choices that lead me to such events?

If you glance at my playlist..the answer seems to be... beautiful music with depressing lyrics.
Ah, perfect.
Really I think that could be summed up as one of my favourite genre's of music on any given day. However I did go back and remove a couple of tracks upon rethinking.. namely Sufjan Stevens track 'Fourth of July' which repeats the lyrics "we're all gonna die".... hmmm maybe not the MOST appropriate.... however if you are in a different situation- I highly recommend this song.

So now my playlist is ready to go! Knowing myself I will love it in early stages of labour, then later on will be throwing things at the stereo (and my husband) in harrased state of unfocused rage in order to get some silence.

My playlist features artists Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, The National, Gungor, Ben Folds, The Nashville Cast (who watches this!?!?!?!? so good!!!), Ed Sheeran, Ray LaMontagne, Coldplay (the early years...of course), Iron & Wine and Elbow.

I can't wait to listen to it.


I had playlists ready for both my son’s birth and both have been a sightly different experience. For Joseph I chose music that have been very special all through my childhood. I guess it was a way to turn a page and to tell myself “it is time to become a mum now’ eeeek! At the beginning, the music helped to distract me between contractions. I was singing along, doing some pelvic movements and was thinking to myself “okay I can handle these pains, I can do it!". Unfortunately, as things progressed and the pain was getting unbearable, I was just stunned and shocked about the whole thing, I needed a quiet time to concentrate, so we stopped the music. Because I ended up at the hospital I didn’t have time to take the playlist with me so I had no music when I was holding Joseph. For Sasha’s birth I made a new set list .
This time I wanted music that inspires me . I purposely chose a short playlist because I wanted to just listen the same songs over and over. I was in a very different place for this birth, less stunned I guess. I knew what I was going for and at the time of the last contractions the song I need thee was being played. I thought that was pretty cool! What a bliss it was to hold your baby with some inspiring music, it was like a movie scene haha.
Those songs will always carry something very special. Overall, music has helped me to feel stronger, to stay focus at some stage and to give magic to the moment. Music has this incredible capacity to enhance every stage and moment of our life. Some artist I chose: Ben Howard, Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, Charlie Cunningham, Tigran Hamasyan, Jose Gonzales, Bobo Stenson…


So what has been your experience with music in relation to labour and birth? Let us know your recommended songs to birth to!

x Michal and Emma

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