#theviewfromhere: Siu Ki Holeva Williams-Lemi

by - Thursday, June 01, 2017

Siu Ki Holeva Williams-Lemi- Loopy Tunes Mama of 3!

What's your story?
I am a 33 year old mother of 3 cheeky monkeys – Vaiuli (7), Massey (6) and ‘Ilaisaane (2 next week). I am of Tongan, Māori, Chinese, Tahitian descent and I’m married to a Samoan (We’re a fruit salad family) I work for the Methodist Church of NZ as the Central south island children and youth ministries coordinator and also co-run Loopy tunes preschool music groups. I play saxophone and clarinet (Which are by far the most superior of all instruments ) and love life in general!

What have your children taught you?
My kids have taught me that for some reason you are not as patient or tolerant of the ones you love as you wish you could be!!! I’ve also learnt the importance of just taking time to embrace every moment because they grow up WAY too fast!!! And lastly I’ve learnt that Poo’s, wee’s and farts are just a part of my life now!!!

What is your parenting 'mantra'?
In the words of Elsa…LET IT GO!!! The house is a mess…let it go…the kids haven’t showered in 4 days…let it go…my daughter has just ripped all our lace curtains and covered herself in crème…LET IT GO!!! There are some things you just have to be like Elsa and let it go ‘cos if you don’t you will get those grey hairs way too early and not take time to just embrace this stage of life and all the highs and lows that it brings!

What's on your mind?
Right now…I really hope my husband cooks dinner…why is my son walking around in his undies…I have a meeting tonight I haven’t even planned for…my feet are cold…I feel like hot scones…I should stop my daughter from hitting the heater with a ninja turtle sword…

What's your favourite thing to do or place to go with your children?
Well we invested in the Tram and Gondola family pass $139 unlimited rides for a year!!! The best investment especially on those days when you have no money and no energy…Jump on the gondola! You can even use them as rewards!!! The tram is awesome too as my kids LOVE Margaret mahy, imagination station and the museum which are all on the tram line!!! And bonus you get to see the Chch rebuild up close. Definitely worth investing in!

What is your favourite child related item all parents should rush out and buy 20 of?
I don’t think I’d ever buy 20 of anything…Ooooo unless it was chocolate…or wine!!! But I’d have to say join up at a toy library! They’re great – borrow the toys (For next to nothing) then give them back! And you can test out those annoying noisy toys that you’d never wanna waste your money on! My boys love getting the board games out, again a chance to try before you buy. We love the toy library also good for birthday partys – grab a few mini slides – ride on toys – mini roller coasters! WAY cheaper than chipmunks!!!

What are you listening to at the moment?
My three children playing wrestling war ninjas! (My girls is going to be a tomboy!) but music wise – Moana – I know every song now! And my favourite spotify playlists are Aaradhna-Brown girl and Ladies of Jazz!!!

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