What The Heck Is Going On!! How to survive the first months of parenting

by - Monday, June 26, 2017

It's been over three months since Sasha was born. Wow time goes fast
I though I would just share my very own experience of being a mum of a new born baby
"Oh Mummy! You are beeeeeeautiful this morning" Mathou, Crayon D'Humour

I love the newborn stage, those cuddles, those special noises that they make, those ga goooo ge aa conversations, the smiles... THE SMILES aaaaaaah. You just want to squeeze and give a tsunami of kisses.

But man this is still a really challenging time.

What I found the hardest is the lack of consistency, there is always something that will come up and ruin the schedule that reassure's us all.
This schedule that has become the Holy Grail for every parent.

I have been thinking, perhaps if we spent less time worrying about setting a routine for our babies, and instead let them find their own consistent rhythm... life would be less overwhelming. And over the coming months (cough, years) their lives and routines will be in harmony with our own. (sounds good doesn't it).

Let's crunch the numbers shall we?
If life with a baby were an equation...in my experience...the numbers would look like this:

The first few weeks:  40% of consistence and 60% of a complete What The Heck Is Going On!!
Passing 6 weeks:  60%  consistent and 40% of WTHIGO
and so on...until you get a very laid back 90% consistent and 10%  of WTHIGO (although I have heard this all goes back to the start in the teen years)

Here are some few things that have helped my wee family to survive through the WTHIGO

  • Co sleeping and man this is sooo good!!
  • Having to organise the day:I am not a organise person AT ALL. Now without it our days would be a disaster!! Joseph needs a sleep in the morning, when I say need, he is putting himself to bed pretty much everyday (that is pretty gold, but please note that I have done nothing for it, it is all him!) Therefore mornings are pretty chilled at home. And if by miracle Sasha has also chosen to sleep at the same time- victory!- I can make a decent kind of dinner . Let’s say that 5 o’clock is the time when everyone cries, EVERYONE.
  • Using a baby carrier, Sasha just won’t stay alone, who would? this helps us to get things done. 
  • WHITE NOISE or WOMB NOISE are magic!!!! 
  • Having people helping to look after Joseph
  • Not being too hard on ourselves. There will be days (maybe a lot) where you feel that everything is falling apart, when you have a 100% of WTHIGO. In those days, despite the “experts”,  I would put something on TV and have Joseph to JUST CALM DOWN so I can breastfeed in peace!!!!!! by the way who are those experts dictating us what to do, do they even have kids??? haha!

And take time to notice and remind yourself there are rewards everyday:
the smiles, the cuddles all those moments that would become our children's childhood memories
"Children have some super powers"

And of course- I am only an expert on my own children, and not an expert on parenting..so I would love to hear from you!
What is or was really helpful for you during this season?
"Life is full of small happines" 

xx Emma

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