Petite Escargot La Video

by - Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Petite Escargot
La Video

It is finally out on Youtube !! It was quite a long process to make this video I must say.
First of all, It was hard to make a final decision on how the little Escargot should look or what we wanted the background to look like. By the end of many drawings I didn't really know what I liked anymore!! Oh Dear

One of the Little Snail version I draw

Then, finding time to actually take some pictures (without a tripod!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!). I spent a whole afternoon taking pictures, to finally find out that I couldn't use them because doing stop motion video without a tripod is just.... what is the word.... STUPID!!! haha
I also had to go back and forth between rooms so many times to make sure that my son wasn't gonna play with Monsieur Snail. 
But it is out now 
Enjoy 😉

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