Emma is moving to France

by - Friday, February 16, 2018

Emma is moving to France


The time has arrived for us to move to France.
It has been a very difficult decision to make, 
Calling two countries, with 18 000 km apart, "HOME"  is not easy.

But I miss my family,..... and maybe secretly the food, ..maybe not secretly... !

Life in New Zealand has been just incredible
There is so many things I could say, but I will say two things

one is Opportunity
NZ has given me so much opportunity has a musician 

second is Motherhood
I became a mum in New Zealand, and the way I have been cared for on this journey has been incredible, beyond any expectation.  

I am very grateful 
whakawhetai koe

The house in the picture is where I am gonna live!! Yes I know right!!


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  1. Best blessings for your relocation. France! And that CHARMING home! It sounds like a wonderful dreamy adventure. May it be so.