Hello out there- an update

by - Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Long time no see.
If you follow our facebook page you might have noticed a flurry of sudden activity so I thought I would hoppity hop over here and give you all an update.

After hibernating for a term for me (Michal) to lick my emotional wounds and process my abandonment issues after Emma left, and for Emma to adjust to her very different life in France (I will let her update you on that). We are emerging from our rabbit holes, blinking in the springtime sun, pulling up our socks and embarking on the new chapter of Petite Music Box.

And... it turns out... it is surprisingly exhilarating!

We are now VERY 2018, international artists collaborating, dreaming, and cheering each other on from other sides of the globe.
I can happily inform you that PMB are VERY MUCH still together!

I'm getting such a kick out of recording vocals and guitar in my lounge in New Brighton- and sending it off to Emma in France (don't ask me where exactly... she has told me countless times.. literally countless times... and I'm surprised she hasn't cut me out due to the fact that I still answer.. ummmm somewhere nearish Paris? I know they make some sort of alcohol there?.. sorry Emma.. one day I'll get a map)

Together we are recording brand new songs we can't wait to release to the world.
Together we are re-launching our bespoke songs business and SO enjoying creating these special songs for other families. (order yours today)

But here is where is gets a little new... we are now SOLO acts when we perform.
Except that by solo... we mean that our partner in shows are now all the incredible children and parents we perform to. As well as our own wonderfully talented and enthusiastic offspring!

That's right folks you can now book me (Michal) to perform at your Preschool, Kindy, Community group, Mums group, Birthday party or Teddy Bears picnics!
Please do spread the word as I am so excited to perform more and more as we move into 2019!
My shows will be a mix of well known covers and Petite Music Box favourites.. as well as something new and special- writing a brand new song ON THE SPOT with the suggestions of the children at each show. I've been practicing this a lot of home with my girls and it has been hilariously good fun!
I wrote my first song at the age of 5 and my girls each started writing their own songs from around the age of 3 - I am thrilled to be on a mission to show more children how they too can become songwriters and storytellers no matter what age they are!

We love this adventure we are on - and the best part of all is that you are on the journey with us! Thank you for all your support and love while we have transitioned into a new era! We love our PMB Family xx

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